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Five Reasons to Rent a 360 Photo Booth for Your Event

Five Reasons to Rent a 360 photo booth for your event

It is logical to assume that the 360 photo booth was named for marketing reasons. You will see why it is not a photo booth when you examine its physical design. 360 Booth Rent Ireland team is constantly introducing new experiences, and we know how difficult it can be to market and teach something new. This new standing photo booth was launched as an open-air VideoFoto, with its beautifying ring lights. It creates 360 video booth videos that are excellent, but it is different from its predecessors.


We’ll dive in, and I’ll also share five reasons why you should consider a 360 Tik Tok booth at your next event.

360 Booth is designed to capture 360 videos in high resolution. The 360 Selfie Booth is an experience designed to capture 360 high-resolution videos. Event guests stand on a platform where a high-end camera attached to a rotating mechanical arm rotates around your guests at high speed. It turns using programmatic movements, capturing videos at up to 120 frames/second, which the 360 Photo Booth Rent Ireland team cloud-based platform processes immediately with proprietary AI technologies.

The 360 Photo Booth, like 360 Photo Booth Rent Ireland team’s other photo experiences, can capture multiple individuals simultaneously. Our 360 Booth can hold up to 250 kilograms and comfortably fit 4 – 5 people. Given the great content that can be created using the 360 video booth, it’s impressive.


It’s popular. It’s our most requested experience ever since the return of in-person events!

The origins of 360 videos are still debated, but the popularization was first attributed to the famous scene in The Matrix with Neo, where time stopped, and the film spun around him. This effect was created by mounting dozens of high-end cameras around a central circular subject. 

This setup was not very economical. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how expensive it is to install dozens of cameras costing thousands of euros and to do the editing required to create the final product. We have modernized bullet-time to render in real-time. However, few clients have the budget for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s one cool visual we can create, but it is only practical for some clients.

Concepts began to emerge over the next decade. Instead of multiple high-end DSLR cameras, the system used a rotating mechanical hand with a single high-definition camera attached. It was an instant success.

The 360 Photo Booth has been used extensively in music videos and red-carpet galas. It’s even been featured in commercials. 360 Photo Booth Rent Ireland team 360 Video Booth has been our most requested booth ever since we returned to live events.


All of our photo booths are easy to use and fun. Some of our booths can be set up so quickly that you don’t need 360 Photo Booth Rent Ireland team staff members on site. Our team will set up the 360 photo booth for you, even though it differs from our other photo booths. The attendants of our highly-trained, professional booths are as fun and outgoing as they are talented. What to expect


The 360 Video Booth Rent Ireland team arrives with plenty of time to test and set up your 360-degree experience before the agreed-upon start time. This setup takes about 2 hours in most cases.


Team 360 Photo Booth Ireland team ensures everything runs smoothly and encourages guests to enjoy their booth.


360 Photo Booth Rental Ireland team will remove all the equipment and gear from your venue as soon as your event ends. This process takes about an hour.

You don’t need to do anything but smile for the camera and step onto our 360-degree video booth. We will take care of everything else.

360 Photo Booth Creates the Best User-Generated Content A Video Booth Can Offer:

No wonder the 360 photo booth was so popular during the Pandemic. These experiences create some of the most epic content that can be made using a photo/video kiosk. Please understand me; every photo booth has unique features. We’re on hand to help you choose the right experience for your goals and KPIs.

The 360 photo booth is full of beautiful filters. Our 360 photo booth can also use our best-in-class AI Segmentation technology to transform a still image from the video captured into a virtual backdrop. Imagine greenscreen on steroids. You can also apply traditional photo booth filters and Augmented Reality to the videos of your guests.

You know why many events and content producers use OutSnapped 360 video booths for event and promotion marketing!

The 360 Video Booth Content is Highly Shareable!

Most of our clients consider shareability a critical factor in their decision-making. Unsurprisingly, people share their 360 photo booth experiences on social media. In an age where they are more influenced by what they read and see on the internet. Our 360 Experiences can be shared instantly for marketing events, promotional activities, or even by social media influencers.

Our 360-degree photo booths and other photo experiences have instant sharing capabilities. When you and your guests enter our 360 Degree Photo Booth, you can instantly share the knowledge on your social media accounts, text messages or emails.

Your 360 video will be saved in an online gallery to make it easy for you to view and distribute.

A 360 video booth creates a truly unique experience.

I’m not saying this to be biased, but I love our photo booths. But I can’t stop smiling when I see the look on our guests’ faces from when they enter the photo booth to when they share their videos on TikTok or Instagram. It is obvious how much joy and excitement this brings.

Your guests can create videos in the 360 photo booth and share them with others. It has a positive impact on their event experience. Add our live event slide shows to your event for an extra boost of awesomeness. Your guests can enjoy their creations on the cinema screens at your event.

You’ll always want to provide your guests with something exciting and fun to do, no matter what event you plan to host!

It’s not only about having fun. It’s also creating a special memory that will last a lifetime.

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