The Most Common Questions About 360 Photo Booths

What type of events can 360 Photo Booth be used for?

360 photo booth can be used at various events, including weddings and parties. They are also great for corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows, or other events. It is especially useful for events that require a high level of visual impact and engagement.

Can I use the 360 Photo Booth outside?

We can set up the photo booth outdoors. To set everything up, we will need a suitable power outlet and a flat surface. We would also need to be protected from rain.

How can I book the 360 Photo Booth?

Please get in touch with us via phone or fill out a form if you’re interested in booking a booth. The standard booking policy for reserving your date is 100 Euros and a signed contract.

What is Your Requirement for 360 Photo Booth?

The client will reserve a suitable photo booth at the venue. The photo booth needs a 3m deep by 3m wide by 2,5m height space, but we recommend 4m x4m for full-body photos. * Client must provide WiFi on-site. It is necessary for instant sharing of images.

How quickly do the guests receive their videos?

The video is sent almost instantly. After leaving the platform, guests can send videos via QR code, text, email or airdrop. These videos can be easily shared on all social media sites.

What is slow-motion in a booth photo?

Slow motion is a feature in a booth that allows video to be captured at a lower frame rate, creating a smooth and slow motion. It creates an enjoyable and creative experience for the guests.

What is the rotating arm of a 360 photo booth?

A rotating arm is made of metal that rotates around a subject to take a 360-degree shot using a camera. The user is immersed in an interactive and immersive experience.

How much is a 360 photo booth rental in Ireland?

360 photo booth rental price varies depending on the rental company, location and duration. Fees range between 400 and 4500 per event.

Why should I use a 360 video booth at my events?

Consider a 360 photo booth at your next event for several reasons. Includes providing guests with a memorable and unique experience, creating social media-friendly content, increasing brand awareness and standing out against competitors.

How Does 360 Photo Booth works?

Event guests can step onto a platform that rotates a high-end video camera on a rotating mechanical arm at high speed 360 degrees around the guests. It turns using programmatic movements that capture up to 120 frames/second. 360 Photo Booth Ireland team’s cloud-based platform then processes the videos instantly with proprietary AI technologies.

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

A 360 photo booth is a video booth that uses a rotating camera and arm to capture a 360-degree image of the subject. The user is immersed in an interactive experience.